Unlimited vs Unmetered

An unlimited service of any kind is not possible. Although we do not put limits on the amount of bandwidth you can use on some plans, there are physical limits on the amount of bandwidth that can actually be transferred in any given time frame. Therefor, when the use of the word "unlimited" is stated, we are referring to artificial limits placed by us.

Prohibited Content

a) Illegal content, i.e. warez, nulled software, ect
b) Adult Pornography (non-artistic nude images)*
c) Obscene or disgusting content, "shock sites".
d) Hateful, bullying, harassment, racist, or harmful content.
e) Outdated/Expired/Un-licensed scripts or software that may compromise security.
f) Large media files*
g) Resource intensive scripts such as IRC chat/bots, proxy scrips, or media hosting services.*

We reserve the right to automatically delete any files that contain restricted content without warning, or to terminate an account without notice.

*If in doubt, it is best to contact us first.


Unlike other hosts who charge for 1 or 2 years of service up front or at one time, SpruceHost offers "pay as you go" hosting. Due to the nature of "pay as you go" hosting, we cannot issue refunds for hosting time that has already been used by the customer. However, we do offer a prorated refunds for any billing period for unused hosting time. Please be aware that this refund may not include any services or processing fees incurred to SpruceHost. Customer accounts that are suspended or terminated are not subject to refunds. Account credits (ie, due to downtime) will not be refunded to a client. Unused account deposits are generally nonrefundable. Please contact our team if you have any questions!


Invoices are generated 5 days before the due date. Customers who are late paying will be charged a late fee between 20-40% of their monthly bill in addition to the hosting account. Suspended accounts due to non-payment may incur a $10 unsuspension fee.


Accounts canceled by the customer are effective at the end of the current billing period, unless a prorated refund was requested before the end of the account was requested. All data will be destroyed at the time of refund/cancellation, so please make a backup of any data you may need.


Accounts that pose a serious risk to our services may be terminated at any time without warning. Accounts that are terminated for TOS violations or abuse are not subject to data backups or refunds.


SpruceHost operates a 99%uptime guarantee. If, in any 1 month, Uptime falls below 99%, please submit a ticket with a link to a 3rd party monitoring service. If the downtime is verified to be unintended (ex: not for a required service upgrade) we will credit you with 1 month of hosting.

Lost Data

Although server backups are made regularly, this data cannot always be recovered for privacy and security reasons. We strongly advise that you make your own backups regularly! SpruceHost will not be held liable for any damages due to data loss.


We reserve the right to modify this document at any time for any reason. Customers will be notified via an announcement in your client center.